Mixing Tips

Recording Time vs. Mixing Time

There is strong myth about Mixing and Mastering….

Many believe that everything can be sorted out and made good at mixing table. But unfortunately………

This is not always true……

You cannot make a badly recorded material to sound outstanding, just by equalizing and compressing it. Your source material must be good.

It doesn’t mean that you should have best recording equipments and gears in the business for the purpose. But there should be a bare minimum of quality must be maitained there to work on it.

We generally tend to spend much lesser time on recording. People generally overlook important aspects of Music Production. They spent their most studio time for mixing and giving more emphasis to this. A badly recorded vocal can never sound good.

“There is a fact based on a ratio that we tend to spend more time on mixing than on recording. That usually works around 20:80. This means that, we tend to devote 80% of our time on mixing and only 20% on recording. By doing this we try to make our bad source to sound like a gem”

Actually we are not bothered about recording and its basics. Like,

Where to keep Mics …..

What are the gears…..

How to arrange the song…..

Pitch of Instruments

Skills of Instrument players etc.

Music Production does involve lots of steps, which all needs special thoughts. You just cannot produce a good music without a good tune. You have to perceive the song… You have to live the song and on…..

Every step is incomplete without proper implementation of preceding one. You just cannot jump over and there. You have to move sequentially.

Music Production generally involves following steps,

  •          Song Writing,
  •          Lyrics,
  •          Chords Preparation,
  •          Recording,
  •          Dubbing,
  •          Mixing,
  •          And, Finally Mastering for Commercial Production

Each step requires careful planning, preparation and proper implementation. Every aspect mentioned above is of prime importance. You should carefully plan and perceive things from the beginning and move into the correct direction.

First of all, you have to make the song for which programming or arrangement has to be done. Then it has to be properly Written so that every word comes naturally into the songs tune without any jerk.

Therefore, Paper work must be done to present it in front of the instrument players.

Then comes, the recording phase. This step is very important as sound produce will totally depend on this. Without proper recording you cannot produce a good work.

Your recording should be clean, vibrant and properly recorded. There should not be any unwanted noise. The notes played should be accurate. No hiccups should be there. Microphone placement techniques should be properly used.

Now the Vocals, Try to take a clean vocal with more depth and clarity of words. No words should jumble. It should also be made sure that it’s in tune. Otherwise it will not sound natural after recording. Try keeping manual pitching to minimal.

After doing all these critical things your music product is itself good and can now be further improved with mixing and mastering.

So, to me everything is important in making your music. But what I personally feel that your Source should always be good.

Feel free to write about it.

Author: Deepak Drolia