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How to get your Guitars sound bigger and fatter

Many a times you have recorded guitars and feels like that it’s not sounding that awesome or the sound is not open enough. You have spent your whole mix time toning the guitars but still not a satisfactory balance.

In this article I am showing you a little trick on how to get your guitars sound bigger and fatter.

Let’s get started:

One of the most important things you need to confirm is that your guitars are tuned properly and you must have a descent sounding Guitar. Otherwise it’s very difficult to get proper result.

Double tracking has always been a very important technique to make your guitars sound bigger. But one more thing you can do is that apart from double tracking on same mic you can use your wired guitar to record line signals of guitar.

It means that use your guitar pickup to play exactly the same tune or chords as you played on microphone and double track in this way.

This double tracking technique will enhance your listening dynamic and will give you a bigger stereo image.

So, in this way you can make your guitar sound bigger and fatter





Author: Deepak Drolia