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How to Create Template in Steinberg Cubase

How to Create Template in Steinberg Cubase

In this Video, How to create a template in Cubase is shown.

Template is pre-defined DAW Session used in a new project. 

This is used to save precious time during Recording. This also helps in curtailing various repetitive and boring works. It brings together pre-defined Tracks and Track Settings with all sends, Inserts, Groups, FX etc.


First go to file menu and select New Project and from there select Empty Template.

How to Create Template in Cubase

Now go on and create customized channels and settings for your Project with FX sends, Returns, Inserts, Groups etc. and with all the settings. You can insert Reverbs and delays in the FX channel to use it in all the tracks. Make sure to create all your desired settings and channels.

02 Add Tracks

Now go to File Again and choose Save as template as shown in the figure. Give it a name. Suppose we give “Demo” and save it. Your Desired Template is created now.

03 Save as Template

Now again go to File Menu and choose New Project. Now find Template demo  is the list.

04 Open Template

Author: Deepak Drolia