Mixing Tips

Bring separation and mixing tips for beginners

This post is specially on mixing tips for beginners on how to bring seperation in you mixes. First of all what is separation…..? You must be thinking if you are new in the business. There is nothing to panic about….

It’s just panning your various music elements in the mix to different places to get a wider stereo image. Putting your instrument to different places from left to Right in a mix will drastically increase you stereo image. This is what we know as Panning.

This actually is very easy if you are experienced enough. But if you are new then you will have to spend some time to know correctly, how to use it. This is easier said than done. But with practice you will achieve the clarity in your mixes with proper separation.

There are several ways to achieve this like:

  • Panning hard left or right,
  • Double Takes,
  • Digital Double Tracking through DAW, etc.

Panning hard left or rightHow bring Mix separation

Panning Halfway sometimes makes you mix clumsy. It gives muffleness to the song. Sometimes it makes our Vocal not loud and clear enough and hence disturbing the whole track in the process.

Solution to this is panning Hard Left or Right, depending on the instrument choice. But make sure your balance is not shifted to either one of the sides, because it will sound like a tilted one. Your balance should be evenly spread out.

There is a general method of panning anywhere from Left to Right across speakers. But actually we have only three places to work with left, right or center of the mix.

You can opt for like, hard pan your Acoustic Guitar to Left and Electric Guitar to Right or vice versa. Make sure it’s a balanced one. This will make your guitars sound fuller bodied and deep. Keep your main tracks to the center like, Vocals, Kick, Snare, and Bass Guitar. Doing this your vocal will be upfront and it will not fight for the Space with their fellow instruments. AND also your mix will be clean and pleasant.

Double Takes

Well this is a very simple method by taking two identical takes of your Guitar or vocals and placing them right opposite to each other. Take should be somewhat accurate but enough that it doesn’t sound un-synced.

Digital Double Tracking through DAW

This also is a very effective way but still it has some limitation. It’s obviously is not natural but sometimes it proves to be an efficient one, if you properly applied the technique. It also depends on the song.

But believe me, I generally use the first two methods most and are pretty applied one and works best.

Hope this article is a useful one. Please leave your thoughts.

Author: Deepak Drolia