Mixing Tips, Reverb

What is Reverb in Simple Terms

A Reverb is multiple reflections of sound that results from surrounding walls or objects when some sounds hit them. It is in effect a room simulator. Reverb is the artificial effect given to any audio to simulate surrounding environment. Reverb is the most important effect in the chain of FX on channels, whether it is voice, instruments or Drums. Reverb…

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04 Open Template
Steinberg Cubase, Template

How to Create Template in Steinberg Cubase

How to Create Template in Steinberg Cubase In this Video, How to create a template in Cubase is shown. Template is pre-defined DAW Session used in a new project.  This is used to save precious time during Recording. This also helps in curtailing various repetitive and boring works. It brings together pre-defined Tracks and Track Settings with all sends, Inserts,…

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Compressor 2

What are Compressors and Limiters

Hey, everyone out there, so now this is compressors and limiters. Well, how many of times you have listened about threshold, dynamics of music, attack, release, ratio etc. This must be every time you are on mixing table. You have definitely, sometimes very scared and sometimes confident about your ability. Well I am not saying that this is extremely difficult…

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How bring Mix separation
Mixing Tips

Bring separation and mixing tips for beginners

This post is specially on mixing tips for beginners on how to bring seperation in you mixes. First of all what is separation…..? You must be thinking if you are new in the business. There is nothing to panic about…. It’s just panning your various music elements in the mix to different places to get a wider stereo image. Putting…

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Mixing Tips

Recording Time vs. Mixing Time

There is strong myth about Mixing and Mastering…. Many believe that everything can be sorted out and made good at mixing table. But unfortunately……… This is not always true…… You cannot make a badly recorded material to sound outstanding, just by equalizing and compressing it. Your source material must be good. It doesn’t mean that you should have best recording…

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